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07 February

Ways To Promote Your Blog

Have you ever wrote a blog which you thought was really good and you wanted everyone to see it? But not sure how to promote it?

In this blog we are going to look at 5 ways in which to promote it.

You’ve churned out a good blog and you’ve published them on your site and are worried why the posts haven’t been driving as much traffic as you would have liked? Well they need promotion. You cannot just sit back and wait for people to look at it, how will they find it if there is no promotion.

Don’t forget to remember smaller social networks.

Social media extends way beyond Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, newer sites away from the spotlight present excellent promotion opportunities for anyone, why is this? Because your posts will not have to compete with as many posts on these sites.

For example sites like Tumblr, Empire Avenue and Quora have active and focused community members. Morph your blog posts according to the requirements of the smaller networks and create visibility on those networks then you will be able to compete with the bigger sites for visibility.

Pin them, bookmark them, Instagram them.

Your blog post must have at least one photograph in it, a picture is in fact worth a thousand words. One easy way to gain more promotion on social media  is to pin the image you use in your blog posts on the Pinterest contributor board, Pinterest continues to be one of the hottest social media platforms since late 2012 and pinning the images featured in your posts on the site can increase exposure to the content.

Unleash your creativity

Attention grabbing posts garner promotions through electronic word of mouth. Platforms such as Vine and Instagram just to name a couple allow you to do this.

Use Vine or Instagram to create micro videos for your post. These micro videos loop every 6 seconds on Vine and Instagram 3-15 seconds, are a great way to provide a short theatrical trailer of sorts for viewers. You can then tweet the video with a link back to your blog post.


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